Online Marketing Predictions & Trends for 2013

Overcoming the Mayan apocalypse may have had a psychological effect on marketing as well as religion. If there was any trend that could have generalised the overall attitude of online marketing in 2012, it was to spend money like it was going to be the last year of the planet’s existence. Companies with big, they went mobile and they were affected in large ways by Google updates.

2013 will definitely bring a reboot to the online marketing landscape in some ways. The more successful trends of 2012 will be built upon and expanded. The less successful trends will be phased away and replaced in imaginative ways. Here are our predictions for the marketing trends that will occur in 2013.


Online Marketing Trend : One

The surge the importance of mobile marketing will continue and increase.

2013 finds a full three fourths of the world with access to mobile devices. A trend that began in 2010 can only continue in 2013. This is a trend to take to the bank for the next half decade, as the world is still far from saturated when it comes to ad buys on the mobile environment.

2012 also saw an increase in fully developed mobile websites. 2013 will be all about offering increased value on these newly optimized platforms. The best marketers will be able to optimize their searches, offer new information and even new formats for future consumption designed especially for the mobile platform.


Online Marketing Trend : Two

Attribution modeling will continue to rise in importance.

Attribution modeling is a relatively new technique for marketers that includes any analysis that how to assign a quantitative value to a marketing action that causes a conversion. As marketers slowly begin to realize that the last click has much less to do with the overall conversion than previously thought, a more comprehensive assessment of marketing will definitely separate the winners from the losers in the online environment.


Online Marketing Trend : Three

Game design will become more prevalent in non game applications.

As the buying public begins to coincide more and more with the gaming community, the online marketing community can expect businesses to begin making their business applications more fun, for lack of a better word. Many game oriented platforms such as PunchTab and BigDoor have opened the door to a new type of business application that relies on replayability and user experience as much as functionality.


Online Marketing Prediction : Four

Inbound marketing will overtake paid marketing as a technique to attract customers.

Inbound marketing coincides with the increase in content marketing over the entirety of the online marketing landscape. Led by Google, the major search engines have all begun to sawtooth the search results of many businesses, leading to frustration and outrage over the sometimes arbitrary nature of these changes. Inbound marketing takes an end run around the supposed gatekeepers of visibility on the Internet and allows businesses to control their own destiny yet again.

Another reason for the rise in inbound marketing is the continued prevalence of large information disseminators requiring paid access to their best distribution platforms. Facebook is just the latest and most famous of these changeovers from free promotion to paid promotion on formerly free social marketing programs. More more businesses will spend more and more money on original content that will draw customers to their website without dealing with these middlemen.


Online Marketing Prediction : Five

Data visualisations will improve.

With the “gamification” of business applications comes the need for flashier visuals when data is being presented. Because many data channels and marketers are actually syndicators of data instead of original content producers, the method by which this data is presented will make a large difference in customer consumption. Basically, websites that disseminate data will begin to have personalities of their own in 2013, and the websites that win will be the websites that create the most effective personalities.


Online Marketing Trend : Six

Loyalty marketing will increase.

With the rising cost of paid promotion on social media hubs and the increased competition on search engines, businesses will place an added relevance on retaining the customers that they have already obtained. On top of this, loyal customers can give business a public relations platform that would otherwise cost a company a great deal of money. You can expect to see marketers brainstorming on content that will keep customers on a particular website as well as content that will expand an audience as well. Expect many more niche oriented websites and more specialisation within genre and industry. See Google+ for Business & Brands


Online Marketing Prediction : Seven

The final triumph of market analytics

In their efforts to grow their communities and maintain a loyal customer base, marketing analytics will take on a new importance in 2013. Expect many companies to spend a great deal of time and money chopping up their analytics to determine the most important aspects of their reports. Marketing campaigns will become much more contingent upon hard data than ever before.


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