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Niche Luxury Hotel Marketing Online

Online marketing for luxury hotels is a niche area where marketing companies must understand the clients who use these hotels.

The marketer aims to increase occupancy and spending by luxury hotel guests. These goals for the client can be achieved by using various tools in the marketer’s toolbox, including creative writing, great photography, excellent video, social media and, of course, the web itself, which stands as a highly effective story board to present these different mediums. Combined, these all become a powerful means for advancing a client’s interests.


Luxury Hotel Marketing


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The niche audience for luxury hotels is a special group of people that must be appealed to as the sophisticated travellers that they are. These worldly travellers and entrepreneurs expect savoir-faire and elegance in return for the money spent. Quite simply, the web site must reflect these qualities in order to appeal to this demographic.

Manhattan boasts dozens of luxury hotels, and they fiercely compete for that sophisticated visitor who is on holiday or staying in the city to conduct business.

These urbane visitors are seeking some high measure of cultivation and exquisite accommodations during their stay. These elite hotels must present that urbanity in a sophisticated manner to attract these visitors.

A perfunctory analysis of these Manhattan luxury hotels shows the marketer that the various amenities offered can be divided into two different categories. They are:

1. Amenities offered by the hotel

2. Amenities near the hotel

The first matter to take note of is that the elite hotel website marketing in Manhattan spill adjectives by the barrel. That’s good marketing. The elite, worldly traveller is a learned individual who drinks in savoir-faire.

For example, a Manhattan hotel isn’t just a New York hotel. It’s presented as a chic New York hotel in smart Manhattan, which is near the Metropolitan Museum of Art and sexy Fifth Avenue shopping.

This flowery language for the luxury hotel online marketing niche has become highly developed in New York City because of the competition for this elite traveller. The marketers must master this well-developed tone of sophisticates in order to compete for visitors to luxury hotels.

New York City marketers weave their copy with appropriate expressions, imagery and sexy urbane-cool to attract customers for their clients.

A skilled New York copywriter will not say that the hotel is elite. Instead, the writer will search for those appropriate cosmopolitan words and write that the hotel is delightful but sophisticated.

The writer won’t say that the lady’s spa in an elite hotel is a place to relax. She may write this: The spa offers sophisticated ladies a suave and marvellous afternoon, followed by a perfectly chilled glass of Premium Shiraz in the hotel’s lovely white wine room.

Writing for the niche luxury hotel requires that the marketer embrace different tones and styles than normally used, always keeping foremost in mind the refined taste of the visitor.

The rooms are not large and spacious. Instead, the rooms are accented with marble and blond wood, featuring a gourmet kitchen, which is appointed with Liebherr appliances, making the suite a fantastic setting to entertain business clients and friends.

The private cigar room isn’t a place to puff on a smoke. No, the cigar room is a cultured refuge to enjoy an Opus X and a tangy sauvignon blanc, while engaged in a pleasant conversation with a fellow cultured traveller.

The lodging doesn’t have large windows. The suite’s floor-to-ceiling windows offer panoramic views of the ever-changing, cultured New York skyline and invite in natural light to frame the lofty ceiling and spacious floor plans.

All these phrases are hooks designed to lure in the urbane guest.

Marketers must allow the ecstasy to drip off their pens. That’s New York style.


The luxury hotel has more than a concierge. The luxury hotel offers an exacting concierge service to assure guests the best seats at the hottest play on Broadway and a reservation afterwards at an enchanting Manhattan restaurant. Limousine service is available. The concierge, John, will arrange whatever delights that a guest may desire.

The marketer would do well for the company to study the style of the marketers in New York City when writing of luxury hotels.

For example, travellers are not encouraged to visit New York City. Visitors on holiday are urged to catch the latest New York City buzz on their next trip.

Manhattan isn’t just a location. Midtown Manhattan is the new renaissance square that pumps a debonair pulse into the city day and night.

The luxury hotel isn’t simply located in midtown Manhattan, instead, it’s a pleasant hotel where guests can engage in a leisurely stroll to Rockefeller Center, dazzling Broadway, gustation menus and cosmopolitan Fifth Avenue shopping.

These are examples of New York style for luxury hotels where amenities are highlighted and described in detail.

The head of the marketing team can allow a good writer to take the lead on an elite hotel project. Then, by building off the written descriptions, the visual aspects will make themselves known to the photographer and the video team. In addition, the linking team has a direction to travel by building links to amenities near the hotel.

The luxury hotel marketing genre is an ever-changing niche that calls for the marketer’s best effort. The competition for guests by luxury hotels is intense. Marketers must speak and think in the language of elite guests. By doing so, the marketing company can be assured of increasing visitors to luxury hotels.

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