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New Google Business Profile in Search & Maps

If you have tried to find your Google Business Profile and have just noticed it appearing in Search & Maps this is the new way to manage your Google Business Profile.

The old dashboard has been retired and if you are using the Google My Business app, then you are redirected to this new management experience.

It can be a little confusing, so we have created a cheat sheet on where to find things and how to navigate.

** This is being constantly worked on and improved, so it will get easier and more streamlined over the coming months.


Accessing your Google Business Profile

1. You must be logged into your account
2. Search your business name OR my business


Navigating your New Google Business Profile Dashboard

1. Edit Profile
2. Promote
3. Customers
4. Advanced (⋮)
5. Photos
6. Products
7. Posts


New Google Business Profile in Search - Online Ownership


1. Edit Profile

Business information

  • Name
  • Category
  • Business Description
  • Opening Date
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Address + Pin Marker
  • Service Area
  • Hours
  • Attributes


  • Hours
  • Hide Hours
  • Temporarily Closed
  • Permanently Closed


  • Opens up in new window (old dashboard)
  • You can also use #6 to add new products


  • Business Services
  • Segmented by Category Selected


  • Add Photos
  • To view all / remove photos, go to #5


  • Update Logo
  • Remember 250 x 250 works best

Cover photo

  • Update cover photo
  • Remember 1024 x 576 works best


2. Promote


  • Insights for profile


  • Link to Create Ad / Go to Current Ads
  • Opens in new window


  • Add Photos
  • To view all / remove photos, go to #5

Ask for reviews

  • Get your review link

Add update

  • Add Google Post
  • To view current or past ones, go to #7

Add offer

  • Add offer
  • To view old offers, go to #7 (view all)

Add event

  • Add event
  • To view old event, go to #7 (view all)


3. Customers


  • View reviews
  • Reply to reviews


  • Enable / Disable messages
  • View or respond to messages

Q & A

  • Opens in Messages
  • Ask & Answer questions


4. Advanced (⋮)

Business Profile settings

  • Users – Add, Remove Users
  • Advanced settings – See profile ID and manage labels, store codes and other settings
  • Remove Business Profile – Mark as closed, transfer ownership or permanently remove profile


  • Email notifications
  • Language settings
  • Other notifications

Add a new Business Profile

  • To create a new business profile in account

Your Business Profiles

  • View list of all connected business profiles


  • Exactly what this is, just not as good

Help and support

  • Opens a help page
  • To contact business support use:


5. Photos

Add Photos

  • Click Add photos button to add photos
  • Click the image to view all photos in Maps
  • In maps version you can add to sections + remove


6. Products

  • Quick Link to Add Products
  • Opens in a New Window (old dashboard)
  • Tip: Close Add Box and view original dashboard products


7. Posts / Updates

  • Quick link to add Google Post
  • Scroll to View All


This is going to take a little bit of getting used to and there are currently some quirks, but they are refining everyday.

There are also some better navigational links in the pipeline which are more specific to each industry.


Completely lost, Online Ownership provides Google Business Consulting. Feel free to drop us a call for a no obligation chat about your business profile.