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Need 10,000 Characters for your Google Business Page Address?

If you happen to have an unusually long business address, say 10,000 characters or more, no need to panic Google My Business accommodates this in the address field, just “add a line”.

In case you are wondering how many characters Google My Business allows for your business name, Mike Blumenthal is estimating between 97 & 107, See the results.


Address Character Limit for a Google Business Page


The above business pages address filed contains 10,261 characters. I am pretty sure it will take more based upon previous address spam which prompted my The Day Google Spam Algo Died article.


Just Add a Line

There is no sneaky underhanded way that spammers are able to utilize such a large character count in the address field, just Add a Line and keep going to your spammy hearts content.


Address Spam in a Google My Business Listing


Update: October 2017
Looks like the address spam has found its way to the Philippines now.

And yes I am still able to Spam my address.


Address Spam in Business Listings - Online Ownership


The above addition was immediately accepted, however rather ironically, it has gone into pending mode when I corrected and removed the spam.


Update: Sept 2018
Over a year and a half of bringing this address spam to Google My Business attention, its still going on and they have not closed this address spam. They have reduced the character limit (Add Line in Address) for listings from 10,000 characters (around 20 add address lines) to 5 lines.


Google My Business Address Spam - Online Ownership


So whilst they have reduced the address lines and therefore the character limit to addresses, you can still see how it is being abused: