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‘Near Me’ Search Queries Containing More ‘Buy’ Variants

People adapt search queries over time and the big change that we have seen is that things are no longer all about a location, but instead evolved to the point where it becomes about time and things.


Buying Signals

Advertisers have especially taken advantage of some of the phrases that customers have used because it means increased business and more profits for the company. One of the big buying signals that advertisers have capitalised on has been the “near me” keyword search term when it goes into the mobile phone.

These search queries are generally on mobile, when they’re on the road and searching for a place where they can buy the product. Advertisers have tried to capitalise on this trend and make the most from it. Knowing the intent of the customer, they position themselves directly in front of the customer with a product that will interest them.


The Technology Keeps Evolving

As time passes, the technology continues to improve and grow in convenience. In the past, customers had to add their location to the search query if they wanted to find the business and or products near them. Today Google automatically knows this information and uses it. As long as someone types in the intent with, “near me,” the technology will track where the user has typed this from.

Google also understands the different variants like “can I buy,” “to buy.” These search queries have grown 500% in the past two years.

Growth in near me search variants of can i buy or to buy - Online Ownership


How Shopping Works

To capitalise on these opportunities, you have to understand how the majority of customers shop. They may not even have a particular idea in mind when shopping. However, they use Google search tools as a method of finding more information about the products that they want to buy. Only rarely will a customer have an idea of what they want, and in many cases, they want inspiration for what they should buy next over a specific purpose. This is because buying normally is an emotional process. In some cases, people might know what they want, but they don’t know where to find it. People use the Google search tools like, “near me” as a way of finding the businesses that will serve them.


How “Near Me” Searches Have Shifted

In the past, people might Google “restaurants near me,” or they might have searched, “pet shop near me,” the big change is that users are now searching for specific things like, “winter coats near me,” or voice search, “get a haircut near me.”


growth in specific search queries containg near me - Online Ownership


It’s not that people simply woke up one morning and decided that they no longer wanted to use the post code or location in search queries. What has changed is that Google has started to add queries that suggest people use the phrase “near me” and have adopted these refined search queries.


How Can Local Business Take Advantage

  • Make sure your Google Business Listing is optimised and complete
  • Ask customers for reviews, manage your reviews
  • Add services to your business listing (service near me search queries)
  • Add your product inventory to your business listing (product near me search queries)
  • Use Google Posts to keep your customers up to date with Sales, New Products etc.

Your Google business listing puts your business in front of potential customers, use it to your advantage!