Multiple Google+ Pages appearing in Dashboard

Have you noticed multiple duplicated Google+ pages appearing in your Google+ Dashboard?  This occurred or is still occurring when Google+ Pages migrated across to the Google+ Local platform ( now called Google My Business ) and will still occur if you convert your Google+ Brand page into a Local page.

Multiple Google+ Pages


Dealing with Duplicate Google+ Pages

Deleting these is very simple, but people get concerned because of all the Warnings Google gives before deleting, leaving them thinking twice.

The Only thing to make sure of, is that you are in the correct page setting before hitting delete.


Duplicate Page Setting

Open the duplicate Google+ Page you want to delete >> hover over Logo top right drop down menu.


Multiple Google+ Pages Delete


Click on the >> Settings Link

This way you know you are in the Page you want to delete and are in that pages setting.

The Logo should also be empty unlike your main one.

Scroll to bottom of the page and hit DELETE PAGE


Multiple Google+ Pages Delete Page


A pop up will appear asking to confirm Delete Page selection >> select Delete Page


Multiple Google+ Pages Delete Settings


The next bit is where people get scared off, with all the warning signs.

You will need to >> tick all the boxes

One last glance at the logo to make sure it was the empty duplicated one >> Then hit delete



Multiple Google+ Pages Delete Complete


Job Done !

Repeat the process on the next duplicate Google+ page.



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