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Menu Highlight (Justification) for Restaurants in Local Pack

Menu Highlight justifications have been appearing in the local pack for a while now, but how do you manage or take advantage of these justifications appearing when a user searches for a particular type of dish.


Menu Highlight from Restaurant in Local Pack - Online Ownership


Menu Highlights

Menu highlights come from images of dishes that have been named / labelled.

You cannot name / label the dishes from desktop – equally you cannot name / label dishes from the GMB app.

You can only name / label menu items via Google Maps and only images that are included within the menu highlights.


Menu Highlights in Google Maps Menu Images - Online Ownership


Add / Update Menu Highlights

  1. Find Restaurant in Google Maps
  2. Go To: Menu
  3. Images in Menu Highlights
  4. Add Name of Dish
  5. Suggest Edit to Correct Name of Dish


Add or Update Menu Highlights - Online Ownership


What images make it into menu highlights (not too sure) views on these range from 10K to a few hundred.

They also don’t seem to always be the best images or hi res.

Restaurant owners and managers should periodically check the listing via maps and add, update or correct any new images making it into menu highlights.


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