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Map View Feature added to Google Business Dashboard

Google rolled out a new Map View feature in the Google business listings dashboard. This new Map View is intended to give the user, especially bulk locations, a birds eye map view of all the locations in the account.

Map View feature is still technically in Beta.


Google Business Listing new Map View Feature


The first thing you will notice when logging into your account is the announcement of this feature.


Map View

Access the Map View via the Map Icon next to the list view, card view selection.


Google My Business Map View Feature


First selection will show you a Global map of location.


Business Locations in Map View


Selecting a cluster in a country will essentially zoom into the country, again you will get cluster’d locations and individuals. You can then select cluster or individual.

You can also search for location.


Business Locations by Country in Map View


Filter Locations

You can filter locations or search for locations.


Map View filter business listings


Click on Individual location to get brief overview, and click to Edit.


Individual Map View Location


Street View

Switch to street view to see the exact location of the PIN marker.


PIN marker location in Street View


Best get this PIN marker moved.

All in all a wonderful addition to Google my Business accounts.