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Manage Menu Images for Restaurants Google Business Profiles

You can now manage Menu Highlighted Items in Desktop Direct in your Google Business Profile dashboard.

Previously, editing name in menu highlights was only available in mobile via Google Maps.


Manage Menu Images & Names


1. Edit Menu in Business Profile

Edit Menu Section in Restaurant Business Profile - Online Ownership

2. Menu Highlights

Menu Highlights for Restaurant Business Profile - Online Ownership
You can now select:

  • Dish not served here
  • Update dish details


What are Menu Highlights?

Menu highlights are typically photos that are added by customers (not always) that are popular with users. They can also be transcribed onto the photo if you added an image next to a menu item.

If you previously added a menu before images could be added, it would be worth your while updating you menu to include images.

Nice to be able to manage images now in your own profile, thats a win for restaurants. 👍


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