Local SEO benefits from streamlined Google+ Local

Local SEO benefits from the new streamlined Google+ Local integration within Google+ Business Pages (I use streamlined loosely).


“streamlined Google+ Local”

Pre this latest update connecting your Google Place (Google maps) was a very hit and miss affair. Previously you would find your listing, click “manage this site” this would open a seperate page in Google Places where you would fill in the details of your business and go through the verification process – in 2 seperate areas.

The new streamlined version of Google+ local works like this (You have to be logged into your Google+ Page).

Once you click on the “manage this page” it automatically migrates to your Google+ Page where you have to go throught the verification process, but it is from 1 place now, your Google+ Page.

streamlined google+ local


Problems migrating Google+ Local

I have managed to connect dozens of Local listings to the Google+ page without too much fuss. However there is a problem trying to connect an already verified page. This makes sense obviously, but there needs to be an easier way.

Options in dealing with a Verified listing :

  • If you have the login then add your new email to the manager section, then connect. However I have had a problem with this process also.
  • If you have the login then delete the account, then login to Google+ page and create a new Google+ Local listing from scratch.
  • If you have lost the login. Create a new listing, this is not ideal because you will have 2 running. You can send a report that this is an old or unused listing – it will take a long time for Google to remove the old one.
Report sites by clicking “Report a Problem” in the bottom right hand corner of Business Listing page

google+ local report problem

Benefits to your Local SEO efforts

The benefits when you combine the whole package :

  • Google+ Business page
  • Claim Google+ Local listing

Is a beautiful listing combining your address and map in the organic listing. It adds the map , reviews, address and telephone number in the Knowledge Infopanel and also adds your Recent posts from your Google+ Business page.


google+ local benefits



Now that is Business Branding that money just cant Buy !

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