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Keyword Suggestion Tool for Local SEO

Looking for new content and keyword opportunities is a daunting task for online businesses that don’t have  1) The budget to employ an SEO Company and  2) Don’t fully understand keyword research.

In last weeks SEO Hangout, Hittail was mentioned, and after setting up and trialing Hittail, I believe I have found a great middle ground tool for  businesses to help with their Local SEO.


Hittail keyword tool


Making Keyword Research Easier

Usual Keyword research involves identifying a large list of potential keywords and phrases that relate to your site, this list is then checked for relevance, competition ( could you rank for this ) and would it benefit your site.  ( I have massively oversimplified this ), this is then repeated on a monthly,  quarterly basis for any new keywords and search terms.


It’s wonderful to deal with keywords that have 5,000 searches a day, or even 500 searches a day, but in reality, these “popular” search terms actually make up less than 30% of the searches performed on the web. The remaining 70% lie in what’s called the “long tail” of search. The long tail contains hundreds of millions of unique searches that might be conducted a few times in any given day, but, when taken together, they comprise the majority of the world’s demand for information through search engines.


Hittail updates regularly, based upon your current content, providing regular suggestions unique to your sites actual search query data.

What this means is that you have a regular source of suggestions to increase your long tail search terms, that lead to that additional 70% of traffic hidden within these user search queries.


What is Hittail?

First off, Hittail does not conduct keyword research as such, what Hittail does is suggest key phrases and longer tail keywords based upon metrics that is extracted from your Webmaster Tools. All this data is available to you, but Hittail organises it and makes suggestions to you, it also gives each keyword / phrase a score, to enable you to prioritize them.

There is also a feature that allows you to use authors to produce the content for you.


Setting up Hittail

Could not be simpler for a small business or blog:

Create account
Add domain
Add Hittail gmail ( Restricted Access ) to WMT account
It starts working

As your site grows, so do your suggestions.


keyword suggestions


You are also able to export the list, I found this easier to see the Score in Excel, although the big yellow stars might be easier for a novice to get to grips with.

Score indicates how easy your content ( If created ) would appear somewhere Page 1 : 10 being easiest, 1 being hardest to crack.


keyword suggestions download


Creating Content around Keyword Phrases

As mentioned above, Hittail updates as your WMT updates and your content increases, so depending on your current content cu ration efforts you should see new suggestions appearing regularly.

An online business might still get stuck with these suggestions, especially if it a shorted keyword phrase, this is where I would then take the suggest phrase and move across to0:  tools.seobook  for additional queries within this space to give you some ideas on different angles, ideas for creating the content.


keywords analysed


Who Would Benefit from Hittail

Any online business!

Hittail uses your current sites data to provide suggestions as to what content your site could potentially rank well for, that is already relevant within your site.