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Is Google Guessing the Hotel Amenities in Knowledge Panel?

Hotel amenities started appearing in the knowledge panel in June 2015 which were a very nice addition to the knowledge panel. Google told us that they extracted these from OTAs, but how?.

Hotel amenities structured data is yet to be validated and none of the OTAs are marking up the amenities, even star ratings for hotels are yet to be validated, but I’ll leave that for another day.


Hotel Amenities in the Knowledge Panel


Looking at the amount of times Google is getting the amenities listed in the knowledge panel wrong, leads me to the assumption that Google is quite simply taking a guess.

I have asked for clarification from GMB on this and will update when a reply is issued.

A couple of examples below using different OTA aggregators

Hotel Amenities in Knowledge Panel

Google seems to think that a Hotel with a Spa includes a Hot Tub.

Hotel Amenities Knowledge Panel

Too many inconsistencies in listed amenities

Hotel Amenities in the Knowledge Panel

Three examples provided but 70% of all amenities checked were incorrect.


Hotel Amenities and Google


You cannot provide structured data markup on hotel amenities as it has not been vaildated by schema yet and you cannot recommend or add amenities to a hotels business page which would be the obvious solution.

However you can report incorrect hotel amenities listed in the knowledge panel. Hotel amenities fall under business descriptions and description snippets. If you find the knowledge panel displaying incorrect amenities then you are able to report these.


  1.  Open the incorrect summary on business page report page
  2. Fill in your Name, Phone Number and Email address
  3. Select how you manage your business page
  4. Add the business page URL
  5. Report the incorrect summary
  6. Add details as to what is incorrect
  7. Select your relationship with the business
  8. Submit


Alternatively you can contact Google business support directly.

Hotel Amenities at


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