Impact of Google +1 and +1 with # hash-tag

The +1 button is becoming more mainstream with a fantastic take up from websites. We wanted to test the impact of the +1 button and also test the impact of a +1 with the use of # hash-tag within the post.

Remember there are two ways to +1 a page:

You can +1 a page without sharing or posting that +1 to your Google Plus Page.

Or you can +1 a page and share this to your Google Plus Page.


Google Plus Business Page +1 Button Test

We asked our followers to +1 a sites home page.

69 +1’s in total

25 +1’s used the hashtag #luxuryhotels

44 regular +1



Google Plus Business Pages +1



Google Plus Business Pages +1 Button Result

Are +1’s seen as  links and does Google recognise these ? : YES

Prior to the test (Google Plus Pages)  had 144 links across 42 pages and was the 13th largest linking domain to the website.

After the test (Google plus Pages) had 175 links across 53 pages and had moved to the 10th largest linking domain.


Google Plus Business Page +1 Links



Anomalies to +1 Results

We had 69 +1’s on site.

Our links from Google Plus Pages only increased by 31, where did the other 38 +1 links go ?

Why did Google only reference 31 of the links and not the 38?  One possibility is that like normal web pages it can take a while for pages to be indexed.

If additional page links increase we will update this page.


Google Plus Business Pages +1 Hash-tag# Test

We wanted to see if using a #luxuryhotels would boost / affect the Anchor text for luxury hotels.

We did not think this would have an affect or even perhaps create anchor text of luxuryhotels in one word, but it was worth looking at.


Google Plus Business Pages Anchor Text



The screenshot shows that it did not increase the anchor text to site, in fact the term Luxury Hotels dropped.

The industry firmly believes that Google will be using social metrics more and more in the future, at the moment, these are being used, but it can safely be said that it is still in its infancy.


Google Plus Business Pages +1 and Traffic

When logged into any Google product you search within a secure Google Search or Search Plus Your Wolrd (SPYW).

When a visitor clicks on a link to your website from a logged in search, then this is reflected as (not provided) in your analytics.

What we can say, is that the Plus One activity on site is increasing the sites visibility within SPYW and has crucially increased traffic to site.

In the screenshot our (not provided) traffic is up by 749 from the previous 30 day period, a 70.14% increase.


Google Plus Business Page Traffic


This small test has shown that Yes, plus one’s do register as links to your site. We did have disappearing or rather not appearing plus one’s and also we determined that at this stage using the # will not increase anchor texted links to site.

What this does prove is that a Google Plus Business Page presence within SPYW will benefit traffic to your site and that +1’s increases your sites exposure within SPYW.




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