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How Categories, Content affect Google Maps and Business Page Positions

Explaining to a business page owner, why his business page appears low down in Google Map search results for a selected category, as well as how On-site and Off-site content influences positions, can be tricky at the best of times.

Fortunately, I found the perfect Isolated example with a new business page, an ‘Americanised’ category and an Island to provide the perfect example to Categories, Content and Google Maps results.

Google Maps & Business Page Ranking


Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Financial Advisor
UK Search: Financial Adviser


Categories, Synonyms & ‘Did you Mean’

Google Business Page categories are ‘americanised’ even when using, which quite naturally throws up the question: People don’t search for Financial Advisor, they search for Financial Adviser!

The result in question:  the business page was Position #8 for Financial Advisor, as per the best available category.


google maps search results


Whilst not appearing for Financial Adviser as a UK searcher would search, both in regular search and Google maps


google maps search results category


The answer to appearing for another category and or synonym of a category is Content.


How Content affects Business Page Position

Content helps Google to understand the relevance of a business page in both regular search and Local pack results, as well as within Google maps results.

Content relating to the business, products and services, including synonyms will be found and digested by Googlebot on:

  • Business Pages
  • The Connected Website
  • Business Citations


In this particular case, there was 1 occasion that the term Financial Adviser was used within the business page details, BUT no use of the word on the website connected to the business page.

We in SEO understand the need for properly describing a business, products and services, in fact we specifically optimise services and product pages so that Googlebot has a clear understanding of what is presented to a user on page … you need to take the Guess Work out of the equation.


Google Understands Content

In this case to show the owner how content on his website was used by Google, I used the only other available term on the website: Wealth Management

Wealth Management is not an available category on Google Maps, yet the business page is Position #1 for wealth management isle of wight.

google maps position based on content

Relevant content found on your website will directly affect how Google understands your website and business pages.


Increasing your Business Page Position

Important to Note: Most situation will not be as clear cut as this, but it serves as the perfect example of Content = Google Understanding.

This is an Island, with a limited number of businesses that operate there,  unaffected by ‘pigeon’ or locasised grouping, local business citations and general links.


Optimise your Business for Local Search

For Business Page owners competing in a normal environment, the following basic principles should be applied:

  • Optimise your site for local search, services, products
  • Consistent business information on site and local Google business page
  • Optimise your Google local business page description
  • Build reviews on your Google local page
  • Check for any duplicated auto generated Google local business pages
  • Build consistent local citations
  • Build useful and relevant links
  • A location page should target one town, or one postcode and not offer an assortment of places.
  • Where possible promote locations as near the center of the town / city as possible

Having trouble figuring out how your businesses fits into the local eco-system, give our local SEO consultant a no obligation chat.