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Hack to Get Back to Original GBP (GMB) Dashboard

Last week I published a tip on getting back to the original Google Business Profile dashboard, BUT this was only for profiles that had products enabled which restaurants and hotels don’t have, then I found it.


Hack Back to Original GMB Dashboard

Profile Manager:

Right Click on Profile >> Copy Link Address


Hack Back to Google Business Profile Dashboard - Online Ownership


The URL you want to create is this:


Depending on account type, you might get this straight away.


If you get something like this:

Strip everything out except the original dashboard ID and add onto dashboard which should take you back into original url.

My original trials, led to the POP UP – Stay Here or Use Search & Maps

Obviously you are going to select Stay Here.


Products Enabled:


Did this work for you ?

Anyone clever enough to find the original dashboard ID another way?