Guide to Creating your Google+ Business Page or Brand Page

We have created a Step by Step guide to Creating your Google Plus Business Page or Google Plus Brand Pages.

Log Into Google Plus with your Gmail or Registered Email with Google. If you have not previously registered follow the steps to creating your Personal Google Plus Page. Google+ Business Pages or Brand Pages are attached to the Personal Google+ account.


Google+ Business Page or Brand Page ?

The easiest way to decide which is right for you, is an address.

Does your Business / Website have a Google Place (Google Map) listing?


Yes – Create a Google Plus Business Page

No – But i do have a trading address and would benefit from a listed address – Create a Google Plus Business Page

No – My site is a Brand, Blog, does not need an address listing – Google Plus Brand Page.


Log into your Google Plus Page



Google+ Personal Page


You can leave your Personal profile blank, but come back and fill in the profile when you have a minute.

If you intend to use a rel=author tag on your blog posts (highly recommended) then fill in your profile properly.


Log into Google+ Business

Whilst you are logged in, Search or add into address bar :

Click:  Create your Google+ Page



Create Google+ Business Page


Step 1 – Google+ Business Page

Start creating your Google+ Business Page

Note that in the top right hand corner is your Personal Google+ Page – you will be attaching your Business page to this.


Choose a category :

Local Businessor Place

Product or Brand

To decide, look at opening paragraph Business or Brand



Business or Brand Page


Step 2 – Google+ Page

Search for your Business,  add your phone number.

Is this your Business ?


Either select / claim your business, if presented to you.

If your business details are not found, fill in your Business address.



Setting up Google+ Local Page



For Google Plus Brand pages  you only need to fill in the Title and Web address.


setting up Google+ brand page




Step 3 – Google+ Business Profile

Add your Business Logo – The ideal image size is 250 x 250,  Google does provide a basic image editor, however for a clear image I prefer to use correct size.



Google+ Page profile basics


You can always skip this step.

To add your logo at a later stage, click on Profile tab in left hand column.


Adding  Logo to Google+ Brand



Add the name of your business in the Caption of image.


Step 4 – Google+ Business Page Edit

You now have a basic page, or Home page.

Click on the blue highlighted button Edit Profile


Google+ Brand Page Header Image


Step 5 – Fill in Your Google+ Business Profile

Once you have clicked Edit profile, you can fill in each section.

Introduction allows you to add in a large amount of information as well as links to different sections of your website.


Brand Page Introduction Details



You Can add a Large amount of information including internal page links.

Great for SEO!



Google+ Business page info


Google+ Page Contact Info

Fill in all your contact information, the more the better.

Phone, Fax, Email



Google+ Page Contact Details


Setting Google+ Business Page Main Image

Select, change image and upload an image. Again Google does have an inbuilt editor.

The image size 940 x 16o



Google+ Business Page Main Image


Your 1st Google+ Business Page Post

You can add web links, video, images or just plain text.

Select who you would like to see the post. At this stage you may not have anyone in your circles, but I would select Public and Your Circles, this way it is set for future use.


1st post on Google+ Business Page



Switching Between Google+ Pages

The top left hand corner will show which profile / page you are logged into. You can view in the drop down your different profiles.

You may have several websites or you may have a single Google Plus Business Page but have separate Google Plus Brand Pages for Branded products that you want to create pages for.



switching between Google+ Pages


Google+ for Business Services

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