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Google Strips Local Business from Organic SERPS

On the 30th May something changed in Google that has stripped all local businesses from organic search results for the term – “Airport Transfers” (there may be other queries out there!)


Local Business Removed From Search Results by Google - Online Ownership


This is before the announced June core algo update.


Local Intent Removed from Search Results

As Stephen Davies mentioned in a reply to my initial tweet – it’s as if Google has removed all local intent from the search results.



Local intent is when Google uses the users IP or Geo Location to determine where the users is and return a relevant “local” results to the user.


What is the Difference in Results

In a nut shell, all local businesses offering this service have been removed in favour of comparison sites, booking sites and directory sites.

The local pack has also changed from local to broader local businesses being displayed.


Change in Google Search Results by removing local businesses - Online Ownership


Surely They Cant Return the Exact Results?

Oh Yes, Google is also returning almost the same comparison and booking sites no matter the location I search from – even if these the sites displayed do not have any service in the area.


Same Search Results Regardless of Location - Online Ownership


This reminds me of search results in the 90’s – and its not even #ThrowbackThursday yet ?

What is going on – No Idea

Are local businesses suffering – hell yes, bookings and pre bookings for airport transfers have already seen a decline, when they should be increasing for the upcoming summer holidays.