Google Plus and Your Social Media Strategy

Google Plus is growing at a phenomenal rate and you have hopefully realised the benefits of at least having a presence on Google+.  We look at the basics of using Google+ and  your Social Media Strategy.


Google+ Social media strategy


 Using Google+ in your Social Media Strategy 

1. Interact Socially.


Your opportunities, consumers and employees want to socialize with your business. So let them – on the most visited search engine on the planet.

By grasping Google + you have one more presence point to socialize your business, control your message for SEO and get discovered. It’s also one more presence point to initiate social engagement.

Since Google + allows your content to be socialized with those who are interested in your brand, it helps prove relevance to Google and therefore impacts your natural search rank. As you grow your circles, social engagement with your organization will increase as well. This all leads to higher organic search results through Search, plus Your World.

So let the socializing and find-ability begin: Set up a Google + Page for your business  and start publishing content, building circles, and getting +1 recommendations.


SEO : The broader and stronger your web presence is, the better you will operate organically in the search engines. Adopting Google + will broaden and strengthen your web presence.


2. Fresh Content.


Fresh website content is the key to dominating in organic search. This is true now more than ever previously. Yes, the fundamentals of SEO are still valid– build a technically great website and have a powerful back linking strategy – but distributing excellent, fresh, dependable and optimized content via social networks is also key.

Google + is just one more place to publish your press releases, blogs, testimonials, case studies and news. The distinction with Google + is that your content, if discovered, will be listed at the top of Google personalized results mixed in with traditional search results (so long as it has been shared in the searcher’s circles).

Getting serious about generating fresh, optimized content and having it socialized in Google + will really pay off.


SEO : Publishing crisp content produces back links, social signals and authority. This strengthens the likelihood of being found. Google + is just one more presence point to accomplish this.


3. Google + Produces Social Signals.


Social signals are now factored into Google’s organic search algorithm. A social indicator can come from a Facebook Like, Share or a Google +1. Social signals prove that a piece of material is relevant. The more people who like, share or +1 it, the more relevant it is.

Now more than ever it’s important to incorporate page-level social icons on your website, email marketing techniques, press releases and blogs. Give any visitor to your web whereabouts, at any time, the ability to offer your content with a social signal.

If you haven’t already done so, add the Google +1 button to all pages on your website.


SEO : Social signals will continue to rate into Google’s search algorithm. Social flags are like the “new age back link.” Start establishing your social signals technique today.


4. Your Opposition.


If your contenders have not already rolled out a Google + strategy then look at this as a stroke of good luck to capitalize on. This could be your chance to shine and dominate in organic search results.

But get moving and get paranoid about executing on a Google + strategy. It will impact your organic search rankings, find-ability and traffic to your website.


SEO : Just like you have an SEO back link strategy to out-back link your competitors, now you need to think about your social signals technique to out-signal your competitors.


5. Google, Google + and Search plus Your World aren’t going away.


My recommendation to online marketers is to not dismiss Google +. It isn’t going away any time soon and I predict traction throughout 2012.

According to Google, “We’re transforming Google into a search engine that understands not only content, but also people and relationships.” And,” is a platform which allows us to bring social elements into all the services and products that we offer.” (Source: The Telegraph)

Google will continue to incorporate Google + into more and more Google properties including their Android efforts. According to Google, “Most importantly, 700,000 Android devices are activated daily and this will become a very significant source of new users for Google +. That number will also grow next year.”

Think seriously about how your organization is going to incorporate Google + into its web proximity. It’s one more presence point through which your prospects are expecting to engage with you, and it provides your business with one more opportunity to produce and publish controlled content for your circles to consume.


SEO : Google Search, plus Your World will be everywhere.


6. The Social Network War: Google versus Facebook.


Who will win? Up until now, Facebook has been the dominant force in terms of social networking and having marketers make use of social networking to reach prospects and customers. But what will take place over the next 12 months? Will Facebook continue its prominence and keep marching along or will Google + surpass their progress?

Which social network will dominate for business and marketing purposes?

Which social network will dominate for SEO?

The answer to all of these questions is, “no one knows.” Because of this, companies should hedge their bets, fire topics at both and grow their web presence to feature both Google + and Facebook


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