Google Plus for Business SEO and Author Rank

Facts :

  • Google+ is Google – Larry Page
  • Google has filed patents regarding trust agents
  • Google is already using Social Metrics to rank sites
  • Google wants quality Content – Google Panda
  • Google is weaning itself off Links – Google Penguin


Author Rank and SEO

We have  seen impressive results with content that has the rel=author attribute attached to content, now Google is looking at attaching Author Rank to that Author that published the content.

This is a logical progression. What happens when everyone starts using the rel=author tag, how does Google know which Authors content to rank?


Google Plus rel=author tag




The answer to this is Author Rank!

Google will attribute AuthorRank to individual authors, the author that has a higher AuthorRank will pass this to the content that they have published and naturally this will be reflected within the SERP’s.

SEO’s need to sit up and pay attention, the days of Google’s dependence on Links are  diminishing. Think of AuthorRank as the new linking signals. Instead of looking for a Pagerank 6 link you will now be looking for a AuthorRank 6 to +1 your page, share your page, comment on your post or even write some content for your site.


Author Rank has Started


AuthorRank has started. No, not in the sense that I have described above, that is the ultimate plan, but Google is rolling out Author Verification (vanity URL’s)

Unlike FB, where you can get a vanity URL instantly, Google has placed a type of AuthorRank onto their verification already.

In most cases the Verification option of your Google+ profile is around 1000 followers or people that have added you to their circles. We have seen lower circle’d people having their name verified but this seems to also be the attributed to the “weight” of the people that have added you to their circles.


Authorship attached to content



 Establishing your Author Rank

  • Use your Author attribute (rel=author tag) on your content
  • Engage on Google+
  • Share (+1) content
  • Create a presence


Author Rank




Author Rank for SEO

AuthorRanked content will appear higher within SERP’s. You can leverage your AuthorRank with clients SEO, whilst you build up their AuthorRank to enable them to stand on their own feet.

I may be shooting from the hip here, but what about Publisher Rank.

Google has given us the rel=author attribute, this we know is working, but they have also given us rel=publisher attributes.  The rel=publisher attributes at the moment makes the connection between the site and the Google+ Business Page / Brand Page. The possibility I see here, is that when AuthorRank has been fully rolled out into an algorithm, will Google start looking at PublisherRank ?.

So my advice would be to also build the clients Google+ Business / Brand Page. This should be easier to impress upon clients because they will more then likely have a FB and Twit page and have a rough idea how to engage on these platforms.

Ranking signals from PublisherRank will need to have different trust signals for the simple reason that an Accountants Google+ business page will have far less followers then say a well know Fashion Brand, but i have faith in Google’s ability to work this one out.


SEO and Author Rank Conclusion

Links will not be disappearing anytime soon, but Author Rank provides new opportunities for SEO’s and their sites.

Start building your AuthorRank  today !

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