Google+ Page Removed from New Google My Business Listing

Google My Business has removed the automatic creation of a Google+ page for the business. After verifying a new Google Business Page you will notice that the Google+ icon on the info page and the Connect to your Customers, Share an Update on the home page is missing from the Google business account page.


Google My Business Removes Google+ Page


Enable Google+ Page for Business

You get a sense of how bitter the divorce has become between Google My Business and Google+ because there is no link or notification to enable the Google+ page for the business.

Once Verified the Account becomes visible in your View all Brand Accounts:


G+ Brand Accounts to Enable Google+ Business Page


Selecting the new account brings up an empty Google+ page with some featured pages and trending posts. The user needs to select Enable G+.


Enable a Google+ Page attached to your google business page


Select >> Edit Profile, this opens the About section. Add a Tag line and Introduction to your business. If you had not added a logo and header image previously, this can also be added.


Edit your Google+ Business Page profile


Complete your business pages profile.


Add Business Details to your Google+ Business Page


The G+ icon is now enabled in your Google Business Page dashboard.


G+ Icon Enabled in Google Business Dashboard


If you are going to create a Google+ business page, then I would recommend keeping it active. There is nothing worse then an empty social media channel for a business.


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