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Google MY Business Mobile App Editor Update

Managing your Google business page on a mobile device just got a little easier for business owners. The new editor update for the Google My Business App now resembles what you see in Search & Maps, together with a few really nifty features that will hopefully make its way across to desktop users.


GMB Mobile App Editor Update


GMB App Editor Update 1


The new editor now allows mobile business users to see business details, as they would appear in search and maps.



GMB App Editor Update 2


The small and often missed “your business information is available on Google search, Google maps and Google+” has been replaced with three clear and easy to see buttons.



GMB App Editor Update 3


See clearly if anything business information has been updated, or needs to be reviewed. Clear messaging and colour coding directs your to the specific information that needs to be checked. This feature would also make a great improvement if migrated to desktop.



GMB App Editor Update 4


Business listings that are “permanently closed” are now visually identifiable as closed. Previously a searcher had to do a little hunting around to identify the business as closed.



GMB App Editor Update 5


New hours editor allows for easy selection by selecting the days. It also includes a single 24 hour button, which would be gratefully received in desktop version.



GMB App Editor Update 6


Users can now view their selected service area as already provided in desktop. New toggle on / off selector for serviced business, list service area radius or select specific areas.



GMB App Editor Update 7


New App editor allows you to preview selected service areas and updated to match what a user see’s in maps.



GMB App Editor Update 8



Support options are now clearer and easier to find with Call support, chat and email features listed as they are in Google business support page in desktop. Note: features may not be available depending on your country. Call should be available for all countries, however currently in the UK, email is sporadic and chat is not available, at the time of writing this.

Overall a great improvement to the Google Business App, and hopefully features like the 24hr and review changes making their way across to desktop.

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