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Google Local Business Listing… SCAM, we work with Google

Google Local Business Listing SCAM reports have escalated dramatically over the last six months.

Google Local Business Page Scam


These Google Local Business Listing Scam call usually start with:

  • we work with Google
  • we are a contractor for Google
  • i work for Google


….dealing with


  • yearly renewals for Google Business Listings
  • free consultations regarding Google Business Listing
  • verifying your Local business Listing
  • your Google Listing needs a reboost
  • your page has not been used and is subject to deletion
  • increase your local business map rankings
  • it’s urgent you speak to a Google Business Listings specialist urgently


all for the Price of


Google will on the occasion contact a Business about their Google Business Listing :

  • if you emailed Google Business Support
  • if you requested a call back from Google Business Support
  • if you left feedback about a relocated, duplicate listing and Google Business need to confirm
  • if you triggered a spam notice on your business listing and they need to query the Listing


When Google Business Support calls you:

  • it will be from 650-253-2000
  • caller ID will show Google Inc
  • they will NEVER EVER ask for payment
  • they will say they are from Google Maps


When Google does legitimately call you, I have to admit they do sound like robo callers, are you the business owner? do you have a storefront / physical location?  can sound very unnerving, if you are really uncomfortable, ask them to email you so that you can verify their legitimacy ( do not give your email, they will have this )  they could be helping your listing, but the proof of the pudding is they will NEVER ask for money, make any promises, or OFFER any services.

So if you have not claimed and verified your Business Page …. do it today !

Claim and Verify your Business Listing

Go to Google My Business, you’ll need a Google account to get started.

Choose one of two categories of local businesses:

  • Storefront businesses: Choose this option if you serve customers at your business location (e.g. restaurants, hotels, and retail stores)
  • Service area businesses: Choose this option if you serve customers at their location within a specific service area and you want your customers to see your service area on Google Maps (e.g. plumbers, taxi services, and pizza delivery)


Enter the name or address of your business and select your business if it appears in the drop-down menu.

No, these are not my businesses    or    I’ve correctly entered the business.


You’ll then be prompted to enter some details for your business. Make sure you enter an accurate, complete street address, and a phone number which reaches your business directly.

After you complete your business information, click Submit.


If you have the tiniest bit of doubt of the legitimacy of a call or email, feel free to contact our Google Business Consultant, if it one thing we hate, it spammers and scammers.