Google+ for Business: Using rel=author in your Site

Have you noticed profile pictures appearing in the search results ?

This post details how to get your profile picture appearing in the search results?


Google+ Rel=Author Tag

The profile picture next to search results is because the author has attributed their author name to the page. You can do this by adding your rel=author tag at the end of your blog post.

Google Plus rel=author tag




Your Rel Author Tag

Firstly. The  rel author tag is always associated to your personal profile. You can add a rel publisher tag to your site, this is associated with the Google+ business profile.

Google has not started showing Business logos associated with the rel publisher tags, but it will come eventually.

To find your correct Google+ personal profile:

Log in

Top right, profile picture, click Account

Profile & Privacy

Copy your Google+ URL


Google Plus personal profile




Google+ Personal URL :


Name :

+Tim Capper


Adding the Rel=Author Tag to Post

Take the Google+ Url and add :


This can now be linked to your name, in this instance +Tim Capper


Google+ Rel Author Tag



HTML Google+ Rel=Author Tag

If you have to add your code in HTML

Take Google+ URl and add:


Add your a href code:

<a href=””>+Your Name</a>

This Can now be added to the bottom of your Page.



Google+ Rel Author Tag html


Connect Your Goolge+ Account to Author Tag

If you have not done so already, add your websites URL into your Profile.

Specifically the Contributor To section.


Google Plus Contributor


Checking Your Google+ Rel=Author Tag

Use Google’s Rich Snippet Testing Tool to test your rel=author tag.



Checking Rel Author Tag


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