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Google Business Reinstatement / Suspension Bug

Google My Business or Google Business Profiles are currently struggling with a reinstatement bug after a suspension, leaving users unable to request reinstatement.


Reinstatement bug is back, with a plot twist progress report bug.


Reinstatement Bug

This bug has been active for almost a month now and in my instances seems to kick in on weekends leaving businesses unable to file a reinstatement request.

The kicker is once the reinstatement is filed, you are in this loop and unable to file one another once the form has been filled.


Google Business Reinstatement Suspension Bug - Online Ownership


The system thinks you have filed a reinstatement request and contacting business support goes round in circles, when ideally all they should be able to do is clear the form field that keeps triggering this which would allow the user to actually file a reinstatement.

Fix in site, not so far, GMB (GBP) has yet to put anything in place or acknowledge the sense of urgency a businesses experience when stuck in this suspension loop.


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