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Google Business Images Keep Being Rejected? Try This

A host of Google Business Profile categories find it challenging to post business images onto their profile because they contain too much skin for Google’s liking.

Some of these business types include: Beauty Salons, Hairdressers, Nail Salons, Tattoo Artists, Cosmetic Surgery etc

Post Images from Another Account

Posting an image to a business via Maps as a customer does not hold the same restrictions, or rather Google Image AI does not scan map user images.

Yes, they will appear in profile as photo’s from customers and yes they wont have your official Account name as the image poster, but at least you will have those images of your work visible to your customers.

Why are You Posting This Info

Two reasons!

  1. To help these businesses show of their work when GBP seemingly has not come up with a way for them to do this yet.
  2. Because Hotels are getting hammered with Customer Updates scantily clad spam and I have reported this twice with out any action from Google.

And its ongoing.
Business Image Spam from Customers - Online Ownership
FYI: Updates from Customers Spam in Google Business Profiles has been on going since 2021.
Will they get this under control, unlikely. So for now I feel that it is justified for business to post their images from another account.


Even Better Idea

Explain Google’s Image nannybot and ask the customer to post the images together with a review.

Win Win!