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Even if you’ve never used the service before, you’ve probably already seen some Google AdWords pay-per-click ads. These are the ads that appear on top of and to the side of search results when you run a query on the world’s most popular search engine. You may also see ads from the AdWords network on other websites that have partnered up with Google to display their advertising.

After seeing these ads, you may wonder how they work and whether they would be the right solution to advertise your business online. If you’re thinking of using AdWords, you should know that there are millions of businesses from all over the world that have used the service to drive high-quality, targeted traffic to their sites. Here is a basic overview of the AdWords service and how it works:

What is Google AdWords?

Google is the world’s largest search engine, receiving millions of visits each day from Internet users. Since getting a website listed in search results and running queries on their search engine are both completely free, Google has to have a way to make money somehow. They do this like many other popular online services: by selling ads to businesses.

Adwords Pay-per-Click

Google AdWords is a form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. This means that the advertiser will typically pay a certain amount every time someone clicks on their ad and is redirected to their website. To advertise in search results, businesses create a short text ad that will appear whenever a user runs a query that is related to their business. Advertisers also have the option of displaying their text or multimedia (image or video) ads on publishers within Google’s ad distribution network. In the latter case, the ads will instead appear on related websites and not just on Google search results.

How does Adwords Work?

Getting started with Google’s AdWords service is actually quite simple, which makes the service accessible to nearly all types of businesses. There is no need to sign complicated advertising contracts or to pay thousands of dollars up front. All you need to do is to sign up for the service by creating a Google account. This means that even small businesses with a limited advertising budget can benefit from AdWords.

Once your AdWords account is created, you can get started and put together your first advertising campaign. If you feel lost at the beginning, Google has some well-written tutorials and a help section available that will give a detailed explanation of every feature of their online advertising service.

Google Adwords Pay-per-Click

To get started, you would create your first text ad. Remember that for best results, you should choose an ad copy that is unique and attractive to the user. Then, you will select the URL that you want the user to be directed to when they click your ad. This can be your main homepage, or another page on your website.

Google Adwords Pay-per-Click Ads

After you ad creation is done, it will now be time to select the keywords you want to bid on. Your ad will get a chance to appear whenever a user makes a search query for one of the keywords that you’ve selected. Choosing the right keywords is actually the most challenging part of using the AdWords platform. You will want to select keywords that will bring you visitors that are ready to buy something from you, as opposed to people that are simply browsing for information. AdWords has a tool that can will automatically generate some keyword suggestions for you as well.

Google Adwords PPC

Once you have some keywords selected, it is now time to select how much you will bid for each click. This is the maximum amount of money that you are willing to pay for each click. Take note that certain keywords which are highly competitive may have an average cost per click of over £1. The higher your bid price, the more often your ads will appear next to search results.


Google Adwords Pay-per-Click Services

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