Google+ 1 and their Ranking Effect

There is now a question: Do Google plus one Votes (+1) do have an effect on search results rankings?

The actual ranking of a page however does not solely depend on plus one (+1) votes, so you cannot simply through hundreds of plus one votes (+1) onto a page and expect it to dominate the rankings.


Understanding Google Plus One (+1) Votes

There are 2 ways to +1 a page.

1 click on the +1 button will add a plus one vote.

2 clicks will bring up the share / post this box onto your Google plus page.

Naturally someone that actually shares / posts the information of your page to their Google Plus Page will have a larger effect from that plus one (+1).


Testing the Google Plus One (+1) Button

We asked our followers to +1 a sites home page.

69 plus one’s (+1′s) in total

25 plus one’s (+1′s) used the hashtag #luxuryhotels in their post / share

44 regular plus one’s (+1)



As we mentioned above, results depend on the page that gets the Plus One (+1) vote. The page we tested was the home page and is a very competitive search term, we should in hind sight tested with an internal page.

SEOMoz conducted a similar test on an internal product page, that was very search specific. they added 25 plus one’s (+1) and the product page did see a rise within the search results.

We are currently testing on internal pages and will add results here shortly.

Benefit of Google Plus One’s (+1) on a Competitive Search Term

Like in our test above, we chose the home page. The site is in a very competitive search market. Like in SEOMoz test Google Plus One’s (+1) to this page will have a positive ranking BUT they obviously need a lot more and over a longer period of time.

The effect that people have seemed to realize is that Google Plus One (+1) are seen as back links, these may not have an anchor text, but never the less they are direct links from



Prior to the test (Google Plus Pages)  had 144 links across 42 pages and was the 13th largest linking domain to the website.

After the test (Google plus Pages) had 175 links across 53 pages and had moved to the 10th largest linking domain.


Google Plus One (+1) Conclusion

At the moment, to see and actual ranking effect, these will be on internal, less competitive pages and search terms.

For competitive search term and pages, these will take time and a lot more plus one’s (+1).

Google Plus One (+1) votes are seen as links from Google, what could be better.

For the best results you need to use the full Google Plus arsenal that Google Plus provides.
Create a Personal Google Plus profile, link your Google Plus Business page to this.
Add the Google Plus widget linking your Google Plus Business Page to your site, and finally use your personal account as rel author in blog posts, news pages on site.


The entire package if used properly is Dynamite !

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