Give Your SEO the Google Plus Benefit

Google Plus came onto the scene well after the site it is often compared to … Facebook  <sigh> and in this respect there a wealth of people who think that it is, or will be unsuccessful. They look at the user numbers and declared that they need more time to see if Google Plus will really be beneficial, or if there is a functional strategy that can be put into action.

However, this whole manner of thinking is fundamentally flawed. Google Plus was never trying to be Facebook, so the comparison just does not work. In fact, Google+  is already extreamly beneficial as far as,  Business Branding,  Local Business Branding,  # search Branding and  SEO is concerned.


Benefit from Google+ Plus


The Google Plus Benefit


Indexing Your Information
First of all, you have to remember that all sites on the Internet have to be indexed and cached in order to be found by search engines. This is not an automatic process for any site that you build. However, Google will automatically do this for all Google Plus sites, so this gives you an extra advantage. The vast majority of online searches are routed through Google, so this gives you the highest exposure to potential customers. “Google is, Google Plus”


Staying at the Top
Another benefit is that Google Plus content seems to have a tendency to stay at the top of the search results for longer. In fact, there are documented cases of sites that are more than twelve months old that are still showing up at the top.  This does not mean it is “evergreen” content but it does seem to hold more weight. You know how popular Twitter is right now, but did you know that a Tweet will rank highly for an average of 14 minutes? Wouldn’t you rather have your information out there for months or even years?


Plus One
Because of the plus one system – by which people who look at your site are able to rate it up – it is easier for Google to see, when it is used as a search engine, that your site is an authority on the subject at hand. Remember, there is a lot of spam out there. Google’s goal is to make sure that the majority of searches return results that are authoritative and useful to the users. The changes that are made to the algorithm every so often are geared around this idea. If your site looks authoritative because it has been rated highly, you may well see the benefits in the SERP’s.


Next, you must look at the value of sharing. There are “high authority” users on Google Plus. These people have a lot of highly rated content. They have the ability to share other content if they want. When you put out good information, they can then share it with all of the people that are following them or visiting their page. Not only does this massively increase your exposure, but it also makes you look like more of an authority to the search engine. Interaction of this type is quite important to the process.


Social Signals
Finally, the value of social signals should not be undervalued. With a stand-alone site, you have to just hope that your keywords and content are enough. However, it is much easier for a search engine to figure out which results are the best when people are interacting with those pages and showing that they found them to be beneficial. This cannot be manipulated. Your content actually has to be great. When it is, it will get a lot of plus ones and a lot of shares, which weigh more heavily into the ranking process than keywords alone.


Branding, Money can’t Buy
By adding your Business to Google Plus and attaching your site to your Google Plus Business page, your brand receives recognition by having its own Knowledge Infopanel.


Knowledge Info Panel Business Page



Embracing Change
Overall, the Internet is changing because of Google Plus. People are now able to interact in ways that were impossible before, even on Facebook. They are able to positively influence search results. This is what SEO is all about, after all. You should embrace this change and utilise Google Plus so that you can have the best site possible in this new era.



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