FREE online marketing does exist, just take your Blinkers OFF

Yes you heard me: FREE online marketing does exist for businesses but when it knocks on the door, you panic and bottle it. It would be pretty safe to assume that the majority of businesses that operate today do have at least one form of online property, this could be a Facebook page, Twitter, Google business page, Tripadvisor, Yelp, a website, heck some could still have a Myspace account!.

Ok I took it too far there, but you get the idea.

At some point during their online forays,  business owners have probably read at least one “marketing” article, you may have even :


  • Taken a social media course
  • Joined a business networking group
  • Used a PR company
  • Taken out a Radio or Magazine ad
  • Used an online marketing company


All of which had to be paid for! So when an online marketing opportunity knocks, they take the proverbial dear in the headlights approach, and freeze.


Free Online Marketing


Look I get it!

Business owners think in time packets ( I know I do ), how long to complete this, whats the ROI or could I be on the shop floor selling this in the same time frame. Even when you are paying an online marketing company, requests for information are often put on the To Do list, leaving us marketers thumb sucking, or spending extra budget on research.


The Story Behind this Rant Article


I have a personal blog that writes about local life and local businesses. When I am out and about and find a new shop, the conversation tends to go like this.

“love the shop, I run a personal blog about local life in the UK, would you mind if I published something about the shop?. I realise you are busy at the moment, but when you have a minute, could you email me a bit more about yourself and the plans for the business?”

The general reply varies but they all follow a similar pattern.

“whats the catch?, there is none. How much does it cost?, It’s free, its a personal blog. Why?, because it a blog”

By this point I generally lose the will to live and leave. Its my personal time after all.


Moral of the Story


There is such a thing as FREE marketing, you have to be receptive to the idea that marketing your business is fluid, opportunities are everywhere, just take the blinkers off!


Free Online Marketing - Grab it by the Balls


The blog in question :, and they I welcome all input from local UK businesses, charities, schools, events.


You did not think I would leave you without some actionable online marketing tips, did you?


  • Upsell your products across similar product pages
  • If you are a visually attractive business, try instagram or pinterest
  • Ever thought of a Facebook store?
  • Capture email subscribers
  • Improve your email campaigns
  • Wishlist reminder emails
  • Optimise and structure your products and landing pages
  • Work on those product and business reviews
  • Engage with your online visitors
  • Provide answers to customers questions
  • Create how to videos and slides
  • Listen to your customers


Pick one thing today to help your marketing today and Do It!


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