[Free] Local SEO & Google My Business Help for South Africa

My heart bleeds for South Africa this week watching the events unfold across the country.

I may not live in South Africa anymore (my family still does) but my roots run deep and I feel your pain and I need to do something to help my fellow South Africans.

In 1994 I volunteered to put my uniform back on in order to protect my fellow South Africans in their first free elections. I may not be able to protect you today, but what little I can do, I offer to you now.

Free Local SEO & Google My Business Consultation

Online Ownership offers bespoke Local SEO Services and Consulting tailored to your business, its locality and your business needs.

What I am offering is 2 x 1 hour consultations to help you improve your businesses visibility in local search results to businesses in South Africa.

This will focus on:

  1. Your Google My Business listing
  2. Your Website for local search


Google My Business

If you don’t have a Google My Business listing, I will help you create and verify your business profile.

We can then focus on optimising your Google My Business profile covering:

  • Business Category
  • Website, Appointments & Booking Links
  • Services & Products
  • Business Description
  • Attributes
  • Using Google Posts
  • Photos

** Depending on how comfortable you are with the GMB platform, it may save time if I update these live with you during consultation.

Local SEO & Your Website

If you don’t have a website we can use the free single page, Google My Business Website that comes with the platform.

Areas of focus:

  • Your Location – talking to your GMB
  • Location on Site and Pages
  • Structured Data
  • Page & Content Structure

** Depending on the platform it may save time if I update these direct on site with you during consultation.


Eligibility for Free Local SEO Consultation

You obviously need to be in South Africa.

Ideally a SMB

I would like to prioritise businesses in KwaZulu Natal & Gauteng, but all welcome!

You will need internet access to attend Google Meet for consultation – I know this is currently fluid, so I could optimise direct with access.

I would love to help everyone but I will need to manage these on a one in, one out basis.

Registration Form: https://forms.gle/CBLZ1eNKixTKNTyY6

Keep Safe and Stay Strong!


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