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Find your Google API Client ID for Interactive Posts

Need to find your API Client ID for Google interactive posts on the Google API Console?

Quick visual walkthrough on the sections you need and what to fill in.

Note: each site will need a separate user account, so start this process with a login for specific to the site you want to create a Google API client ID for.

This process will apply to any Plugin or site that you would like to display the interactive posts label in a Google+ Post


Google API Client ID for Interactive Posts


Google API client ID for interactive posts


Login here:


Google API Console for Interactive Posts


Choose API Access


Google API Choose Access for Interactive Posts



  • product name
  • logo from URL
  • home page URL


Google API Create Client ID for Interactive Posts



  • URL
  • make sure you choose the correct http:// or https://


Google API Choose URL for Interactive Posts


Voila ….. API Client ID


Google API Client ID Created for Interactive Posts


If you are looking for a WP Plugin for Interactive Posts on Google Plus, I recommend Dejan’s –