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Evolution of Google’s Knowledge Panel

The evolution of Google’s Knowledge Info Panel is quite fascinating. The testing started in Nov 2012 through to March 2013  with the displayed knowledge panel changing  regularly. I even managed to catch 3 different knowledge info panels being displayed in the same 24hr period on one occasion.

Within the evolution of the knowledge info panel, I am not entirely sure if the knowledge info panel was shown not logged in from the launch. However mid way through the process, i did use incognito and  proxy servers to determine whether the knowledge info panel was Geo targeted, which it is (with some exceptions), so it is fair to assume at this point the knowledge info panel was available in search logged out (Incognito)

Knowledge Info Panel is now referred to as Knowledge Panel, however when the knowledge panel first appeared the original element was labelled as Info, so it was termed Knowledge Info Panel.


Business Knowledge Panel: Current


Date: July 2019

Creating a Google Post through Google My Business allows you to publish events, products and services directly and instantly in the knowledge panel.

Google Posts appear within the knowledge panel July 2019 - Online Ownership


Read more on how to create a Google Post.


Date: April 2018

Business Descriptions appear back in knowledge panel.


Business Description in Knowledge Panel - Online Ownership


After a two year disappearance business descriptions are back for business listings and now appear within the knowledge panel.


Date: August 2017

Questions & Answers appear in the knowledge panel.


Questions & Answers appear in Knowledge Panel - Online Ownership


Google Maps launched Questions & Answers direct into a businesses Google Listing, allowing customers to ask the business questions and the business owner to provide an answer.


Date: July 2017

Google Posts launched and appear in knowledge panel.


Google Posts appear in Knowledge Panel - Online Ownership

Google Posts allows you to publish events, products and services directly and instantly in Search (your Businesses Knowledge Panel) and Maps (within Maps Local Finder).


Date: August 2016 is displaying the Knowledge Panel as a One Box display rather then in the traditional right hand side. is displaying knowledge panel as a One Box

This has been tested in the US and it seems that it is being tested in UK today. Not sure if this will be rolled out permanently yet.


Date: August 2016

Google starts displaying Critics Reviews in the knowledge panel. This is US only at the moment.


Critics reviews displayed in businesses Knowledge panel

Compared to the mobile version this looks a bit slap stick and will hopefully be work on to provide a better look that is more inline with mobile display.


Date: July 2016

Google adds new features to edit Knowledge Panel / Business page directly from search results when logged in to account.

Business Knowledge Panel Google Search

New Knowledge Panel direct edit layout in Search results has been updated to include adding photos and access to the business pages dashboard.


Date: March 2016

The business knowledge panel is increasingly combining additional elements from the knowledge graph and knowledge cards.

This knowledge panel for Harrods combines sections from the knowledge graph: Wiki description, founder, founded, CEO and parent organisation.

Popular times are extracted from users mobile phone location, that have opted in to sharing their location data.

Send to your phone is extracted from Google Maps direction and Maps app which you have to be signed in for.

Social profiles extracted from knowledge graph and or using schema SameAs from website structured markup.

Knowledge Panel Update


Date: Dec 2015

Hotel Knowledge Panels have changed the way reviews are displayed. Where there is enough information available, they are now segmented into seperate sections.

Review Summary in Knowledge Panel

Review Summary snippets are fed to Google via TrustYou. TrustYou scrapes review sites and creates a snippet or review summary based upon the overall reviews left by reviewers across multiple sites. Review summaries are updated by Google algorithmically, typically monthly.


Knowledge Panel for Restaurants : Current


Date: Dec 2015

New Place Actions in schema markup provides restaurants the opportunity to have Reservations, Menu’s and Order functions appearing in their knowledge panel

Restaurant Place Action



Knowledge Panel with Social : Current


Date: Dec 2015

Schema markup allows sites to markup their social channels with “sameAs”. This only appears on authority sites knowledge panels at the moment.

knowledge panel with social channels



Knowledge Panel for Business Page


Date: May 2014

The Knowledge panel for business pages display “Recent Posts”, notice that the review snippet display has not appeared.


Knowledge Info Panel Business Page



Knowledge Panel for Brand Pages


Date: May 2014

Brand knowledge info panels are a lot less glamorous, but none the less, it is Branding real estate. Currently there are 2 types of knowledge info panels for Google+ Brand pages : with image and without image.  To display an image you have to add an image to the post. A post created with a link, does not show an image in the knowledge info panel.

Knowledge Info Panel Brand Page


Knowledge Panel is Geo Targeted


Date: Nov 2013

At this point late in January 2013, I tested to see  the knowledge info panel was geo targeted, it was! Brand queries from different countries did not display the knowledge info panel.

I tested on manufacturing, fashion, jewellery and finance. The only exception to this was Hotels.


Knowledge Info Panel Geo Targeted


It is worth noting that at this test, both snippets from recent posts were both displaying Live Links.


Personal Knowledge Panel (SPYW) is Available in UK


Knowledge Info Panel Personal in SPYW

Up until this point SPYW was not available in the UK.

Personal knowledge info panel goes into the usual testing phase as with regular info panels, above are three different phases of the personal knowledge info panel in SPYW.

New Personal Knowledge Panel

Personal Knowledge panel


Date: 12 Feb 2013


Knowledge Info Panel 12 Feb 2013



Februaries testing of the knowledge info panel was interesting. With images being the flavour of the day.

Google displayed the image if it was posted with image or if it was extracted from the linked posts. They also reverted back to testing two snippet with live links.


Date: March 2013


Knowledge Info Panel 20 March 2013

Info Panel testing in March was a mixture of the image without live link and no image with 1 live link.

Both info panels have 1 singular snippet showing.


Apart from the live link, the knowledge info panels have not changed much to their current display. As always we will keep you updated if something should change.


Date: Jan 2013


Knowledge Info Panel 15 Jan 2013



Next testing period of the knowledge info panel begins again in Jan 2013.

Two info panels, one without live links and the other info panel showing 1 live link instead of 2 from the previous info panel tests.


Knowledge Panel for Business and Brands


Date: 10th Nov 2012
Knowledge Info Panel Nov 2012


Two types of knowledge info panels being displayed.

Both types of info panel being displayed had:  Logo and 2 latest post snippets.

Some info panels were displaying the description from the profile introduction (seen on left in Pride of Britain )


Date: 18 Nov 2012
Knowledge Info Panel 20 Nov 2012


In this next testing phase of the info panel, the logo has been shrunk and the small description from the profile is not being tested. Two snippets still appear in the info panel

New live links  (in Blue ) to the page appear in the knowledge info panel. Live link had to be a linked article and not in the body of the post.

Latest posts on Google+, is replaced with Recent Posts