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Eveve Adding Restaurants to Platform Without Consent

Eveve’s restaurant reservations system and partnership with Reserve with Google are adding restaurants to the reservation platform without the restaurants’ consent. I can say this with confidence now after several restaurants have contacted me.


You can now remove the Eveve booking button from your business profile.


Eveve Reserve with Google

Eveve is integrated or rather a partner with Reserve with Google. Users can book directly from the restaurant’s Google Business Profile.

Reserve With Google Booking Button in Google Business Profile - Online Ownership

All is well and good, but not when you declined the service and now your customers are booking via a 3rd party that you cannot access.


Eveve Modus Operandi

Restaurants that have contacted me have varying emails of decline, but they decline the outreach from Eveve.

Eveve Adding Restaurants without Consent - Online Ownership

Eveve will then send you emails with your bookings (so you get your bookings) but of course they are charging you 0.86 per cover.


The Problem

Aside from the obvious, that you never authorised this!

These bookings are not within your reservation system and overbookings occur leading to upset customers saying they booked through your Google Profile.

Customer support to have yourself removed from Eveve is non existent. All restaurants have tried multiple times to call for removal but ends up in a black hole.

The restaurants (quite rightly) do not sign in to Eveve to manage the bookings because this would imply tacit consent to something they never wanted in the first place.

And the icing on the cake is that Google Business Support requests the restaurant owner to request removal from reservations system which leads them back into the never ending black hole spiral.


Report Eveve

I am currently compiling evidence for Google Business Profiles and Reserve with Google to action action against them for their practices. So please email me direct with evidence, ideally:

  • Email refusing service
  • Email requesting removal
  • Your restaurant of course
  • Invoice

This is for Google’s eyes and will be treated confidentially.

Eveve is a registered UK company and I have also forwarded evidence of their practices to the UK regulator.


EH10 4SS


Just Like Readers Digest, You Can’t Get Rid of Them

This gets worse!

Not only do they sign you up, when you never signed up (as above).

I have fresh emails in today of a restaurant in London that has been trying for 2yrs to get rid of Eveve, but they are refusing to remove the restaurant from their platform until they pay. The original cancellation after the first month was 22 December 2021 and they have been billing them ever since.

The joke used to be you could never get rid of readers Digest once they had your address, but Eveve has topped that and taken it to a whole new level of bullshit.

Help me help you and stop these bad actors taking advantage of already struggling restaurants. Online Ownership does also offer Google Business Consulting when we are not fighting for the little guys.