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Embedded Maps Bug for Businesses Reviews

UPDATE: 20th January 2016

Bug has been fixed and we are all good to go !

UPDATE: 1st Dec 2015

“Thank you for the report, we have sent it to the relevant team”

Original Report:

Reports of a bug with the Embedded Maps are circulating in the Help forums this afternoon, specifically the reviews attached to the Business.

When a user clicks the reviews within the Embedded Map you get the dreaded circle of doom.

Embedded Maps Bug with Reviews


Embedded Map Samples



Could someone let the Government know that they need to claim and verify their GMB page.



It seems the US has also forgotten to claim and verify their GMB page.



What’s with these Governments not claiming their own assets? 🙂

It seems that this is a Global bug and with Thanksgiving coming up, we may not see a fix in the next 7 Days.

Good news for those businesses that don’t have stellar reviews.