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Edit your Business Knowledge Panel direct in Search

You can now edit your business knowledge panel details directly from search results. In order for you to edit the business knowledge panel direct in search, you need to be:

  1. The owner or manager of the business page
  2. Logged into the associated Google account


Spotted by Priya Chandra


Business Knowledge Panel Direct Edit


To enable editing of Knowledge Panel information, select: Suggest and Edit


Business Knowledge Panel Edit


Information that can be edited:

  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Hours
  • Website Address
  • Category


This will then update the basic business information without having to enter the business page.


Edit Details Via Local Pack / Finder


You are able to edit the same details via the local pack or local finder.


Edit Local Pack


Again, select : Suggest an Edit


Edit Local pack details


Note on Edits: As with all business page edits, if you make significant edits to the address it may require re-verification.

You are still able to suggest edits in Google Maps >>  however these are fed to Mapmaker for approval rather then direct to business page.


Edit Details in Google Maps


If you need to make other changes, it is recommended to change via the business page account.

This seems to be Google moving progressively away from managing business pages via the actual account, only time will tell.