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Dubai SEO: Business Citation List for Dubai

Online Ownership has just completed a local SEO project for a Dubai business. Whenever we work on local citations, we create a Local Business Citation list, for ease of use, future reference and to provide a helping hand to Businesses embarking on their SEO journey.

We started out with a large list and removed the directories that were not maintained, mobile friendly or had become spammy over time. The remaining business directories are listed below.


Local Business Citations for Dubai


To benefit your local SEO strategy, you should always keep your NAP information consistent across all your own properties, including your Google Business Page. If you build a citation you must provide your exact NAP details. The more consistent the information is across the web, the better the citation flow. It will also save you hours of frustration trying to clean up incorrect listings.

NAP Format: Business Name, Address & Phone Number


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Other Business Citation Lists


Other Business Citation lists:


For your Local SEO campaign to work, having consistent and correct business citations is at an all time high for ranking in Google locally. According to Moz local search ranking survey, having consistent local citations comes in at position 3, so it essential that you keep your NAP consistent and correct any duplicate and inconstant citations.

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