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Dubai Postcard Verification Issues for Google My Business

Businesses trying to verify their Google My Business Listing in Dubai / UAE typically experience issues with the delivery of verification postcard because businesses mainly use PO Boxes instead of physical address for mail.

Google My Business did test a PO Box section for UAE / Dubai businesses, however this has been removed due to unreliable authentication of business and misuse.

Note: I have successfully used postcard verification for hundreds of businesses within Dubai’s CBD – postcards that go missing tend to be outside of CBD.


Main Points About Postcard Verification

1. If this is the only option presented on verification – you must use this.
2. Contact business support for help with manual verification after 14 days from request.
3. Add images of business signage to your listings photos – makes manual verification quicker.


Contact Business Support for Verification Help

Get Help form:

The trick is not to get looped into a circle by looking at help documents!


Search Issue – postcard not arrived
contact business support - search problem - online ownership

Select Best Possible Suggestion

contact business support - select issue - online ownership

Skip Recommended Answers – This is the loop you don’t want to get stuck in.

contact business support - skip recommended answers - online ownership

Depending on how business support is and or in their business hours, depends on contact options provided.

contact business support - contact options - online ownership


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