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Connect your Google Business Profile via WooCommerce

Connect to Woo information tabs are starting to appear in Google Business Profiles where Google detects that the business website is using WooCommerce.

This is an official plugin collaboration between Google & WooCommerce.

Documentation in Google also includes Shopify, so business profiles that are using Shopify may also be getting these info panels appearing within their Google Business Profile.


Connect to Woo

Get your products discovered on Google info panel appearing in Google Business Profile.

Connect WooCommerce to Google Business Profile - Online Ownership

Install the Google Listings and Ads plugin to your WordPress site and share products to customers across Google.

  • Get discovered by customers shopping online
  • Show your products on Search, YouTube and more
  • Increase visibility and conversions

Connect Business Profile to Woo Commerce Plugin - Online Ownership

Get Started

Once you click get started, it redirects you to the connected websites WP login and directly to install the Google Listing & Ads plugin for WooCommerce.

Very Slick, but it did take me a second to realise I was looking for the WooCommerce plugin.

Connects to WP Plugin Page for Google Listing & Ads - Online Ownership

Reach new customers across Google with free product listings and paid ads

Sync your products directly to Google, manage your product feed, and create Google Ad campaigns–without leaving your WooCommerce dashboard. The official extension, built in collaboration with Google.

Estimated setup time 15 min



Connect Account

Once plugin Installed you are required to connect WooCommerce to Google Account.

Set Up Account - Google Business Listing - Online Ownership

Brakes On

And this is where I stopped.

Whilst uploading I was going through documentation and came across this:

Once you link an existing account to connect your store, your Shopping ads and free listings will stop running. You’ll need to re-upload your feed and product data in order to run Shopping ads and show free listings.

If you have an existing Content API feed, it will not be changed, overwritten or deleted by this WooCommerce integration. Instead, products will be added to your existing Content API feed.

Nothing out of the ordinary if you have never set up anything before, but this site has, so I need to double check current feeds and best time to make the change based on business.




Side Note: I am still a little unsure if this integration includes populating product inventory within Business Profile.