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The Reality of Google Business Fake Review Detection

For years I have steered clear of Google Business Reviews after I realised that Google Business has no systems to deal with these. If a client has a fake or harmful review posted on their Business Profile, I head straight to Google Legal and remove the review – thank God for legal sanity, sorry US […]

Google Business Images Keep Being Rejected? Try This

A host of Google Business Profile categories find it challenging to post business images onto their profile because they contain too much skin for Google’s liking. Some of these business types include: Beauty Salons, Hairdressers, Nail Salons, Tattoo Artists, Cosmetic Surgery etc   Post Images from Another Account Posting an image to a business via […]

Can’t Find Your Free Google Business Site, Try This

You have probably noticed that if you have a website already linked to your Google Business Profile, the link to create a free business site option is now missing in NMX interface. I create Google business site for profiles as a business citation that is directly connected to my profile and updates when your profile […]

Updates from Customers Spam in Google Business Profiles

Back in 2016 and 2017 adding your own spammy images was all the rage. Reporting these user added images became fairly easy to remove inside of 30 days after reporting.   Local Businesses MUST Check their Images for Google Image Spam (2016) Google Image Spam for Businesses Still Rampant (2017)   Then in 2021 Google […]

Google Business Profile Reinstatement & Progress Report Bug

Just when you thought the problems with Google Business Profile reinstatements could not get worse, the progress refresh bug appears. Unless you have been hiding under a rock Google Business Profiles have seen an unprecedented spike in suspensions over the past 4 months, which of course has led to a large amount of reinstatement requests […]

Hack to Get Back to Original GBP (GMB) Dashboard

Last week I published a tip on getting back to the original Google Business Profile dashboard, BUT this was only for profiles that had products enabled which restaurants and hotels don’t have, then I found it.   Hack Back to Original GMB Dashboard Profile Manager: Right Click on Profile >> Copy Link Address   […]

Tip on Getting Back into Original GMB Dashboard

We as humans don’t like getting used to new things, like the new Google Business Profile, but it’s here to stay, so we have to start getting used to it. If you really need to get back to the old Google business dashboard whilst you are getting used to everything, here is a way.   […]

New Google Business Profile in Search & Maps

If you have tried to find your Google Business Profile and have just noticed it appearing in Search & Maps this is the new way to manage your Google Business Profile. The old dashboard has been retired and if you are using the Google My Business app, then you are redirected to this new management […]