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Can’t Find Your Free Google Business Site, Try This

You have probably noticed that if you have a website already linked to your Google Business Profile, the link to create a free business site option is now missing in NMX interface.

I create Google business site for profiles as a business citation that is directly connected to my profile and updates when your profile updates, the perfect citation in my eyes.


You Could

You could remove your main linked website; once updated the free business site option will appear as an option to create.

Create Free Google Business Site - Online Ownership

BUT: with Google Business being so buggy these days, you might not want to go down this route.


Find your Missing Business Site

Head over to your Products page.

Google My Business Free Site Hack - Online Ownership

Your products page URL will look like this:


Edit the URL and replace:

/products/l/  >> with >> /site/l/


So the URL looks like this now:

Hit enter and your free business site editor will be enabled.


Future Edits

Your Google business site can be accessed for any future edits via the main profile editor in the Website section.

Free Google Business Site in Profile - Website Section - Online Ownership

Having trouble finding what you need in the new Business Profile editor, Online Ownership provides Google Business Troubleshooting, give us a call for a no obligation chat.