Best SEO Link Strategies

Your site’s inbound links will have a big impact on your pages’ rankings. SEO companies are constantly on the lookout for new strategies to build their clients’ link profiles. Sometimes, the building of links isn’t the problem. What people often forget is that links need to be periodically checked on to maintain their function.

A good link strategy will involve a combination of maintenance and link building. While your SEO consultant might be a great help with forging good links, it’s important for every site owner to know how to look after their own link profile.


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SEO Link Strategies


Original 2010 advice updated to reflect 2016 best practice.

  • Pursue your existing links for new ones. If someone has already linked to you, you have a relationship with them. Use it to see if you can get some more editorial coverage and links, either from their site or help you get links from others. One way to ease into this is if someone has linked to your main page, then ask for a link to a specific page that will suit their site’s users better. This benefits them as well as you. It’s important not to be too pushy when you’re talking to people who have already linked to you. Like any relationship, link relationships can get strained when someone asks too much.
  • Monitor your anchor text where possible. Most site owners will either place your link within their own choice of anchor text or anchor it using your site address. Google does not like to see over optimised anchor text. Again, use your discretion and diplomacy to handle this situation. If you demand up front that they change the anchor text it’s possible your request will be refused. A polite request once the relationship is established will have a better effect. It’s also a good idea to present it as something that will improve their site, for example pointing out that ‘click for [Site] information’ will give their readers a better idea of where they’re going.
  • Check on old links. Other people’s sites undergo changes, too, and you need to keep up with them. Monitor your existing links to ensure that changes won’t affect your link profile, and try to fix errors whenever you find them.
  • Optimise existing links. Inbound links are only good if they’re to the right pages. If one of your pages is 404’d, its links will no longer be of that much value to your SEO campaign. One fix for this is to redirect links to a new relevant page. Another option is to contact the people providing those links and let them know that there is a better page for them to link to. Of course, the best option of all is to ensure that your pages remain on the index.
  • Monitor your Brand name and products. If you find your brand or product being mentioned online without a link, then reach out to the site. A cold email probably won’t end up with the site adding a link, so try and add some value to your email based upon the nature of the article. I usually send additional images or new product spec’s for them to use. They now know who to contact for future updates also. Win Win!


As always focus on producing content for your users and satisfying consumer intent. Start thinking Link Earning rather then Link Building.


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