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Anomalies Still in Google Business Listing Search Queries, but Getting better

At the beginning of July Google My Business started rolling our Search Queries within Insights. Reporting at the time my own search queries included some really bizarre search queries, other looked okay’ish with the very odd search query here and there.

Allowing a couple of weeks to settle down I revisit my search queries and another business listing.

Anomalies in Search Queries

My businesses search queries have settled down, but still far from making sense when compared to Analytics / Search Console on traffic that have arrived via my GMB listing and UTM tracking code.


GMB Search Queries Analytics Search Queries
Query Users Query Users
google maps 3,082 seo corby 118
google 1,139 (other) 52
maps 120 online ownership corby 31
google map 43 corby seo 28
google.maps 20 citation 27
citation 19 seo 19
seo 18 gucci 9
maps google 17 online ownership 7
googlemaps 16 corby businesses 5
google maps street view 11 businesses 3
гугл карты 11 businesses in corby 3
target 10 marketing 3
a new beginning <10 regal 3
agencies near me <10 local data company 2
anchor housing <10 local seo expert 2
army <10 niche 2
basseterre <10 paid market research 2
best cheap foundation <10 a new beginning 1
big businesses near me <10 agencies near me 1
business <10 ampitheatre 1


There are still some weird search results but at least Omaha beach, falun gong near me, cia airports and orphanage near me have dropped out of the results, I was getting a little paranoid.

My analytics / search console visits make complete sense for a local search and my business appearing, apart from amphitheatre.


Search Queries Getting Better

Looking at a local dentist their search queries are now pretty much spot on, but off when compared to analytics / search console, so certainly getting better.


GMB Search Queries Analytics Search Queries
Query Users Query Users
boston dental 953 boston dental 1,300
dentist 179 boston dentist 672
boston dental, chauncy st, boston, ma 164 dentist in boston 453
boston dentist 163 dentist boston 394
dentist near me 162 dentist boston ma 172
dentist boston 153 boston dentists 171
dentist in boston 83 boston dental – dentist, 36 chauncy st, boston, ma 02111 139
boston dentists 55 dentist near me 138
dentist boston ma 51 boston dental group 122
boston dental group 48 best dentist in boston 112
dental 48 best dentists in boston 103
dentist in boston ma 46 dental boston 100
best dentist in boston 42 dentists boston 95
dentists boston 42 find a dentist boston 86
boston smile clinic 39 boston dental pc 72
dentists in boston 32 dentists in boston 72
dentists 28 boston dental chauncy 71
best dentists in boston 25 dentist in boston ma 71
dental hygienist to dentist 25 best dentist boston 70
orthodontist 23 boston dentistry 66


The estate agent that i showed in the original launch of search queries is still displaying the rather odd search query “cock”. Not appearing in analytics / search console or any particular localised query I can replicate.

So search queries are getting better with anomalies still heavily in the mix for some business verticals.