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Alternative Solution to Free Google Business Profile Website

With Google announcing the depreciation of its free Google Business Profile (GBP) websites in March, approximately 20 million small businesses are at a crossroads of finding an affordable yet efficient alternative to maintain online visibility.

Google Business Profile websites were terrific for small businesses, offering a free, accessible, straightforward way to establish an online presence. These websites allowed businesses to showcase their services, operating hours, customer reviews, and more directly in Google’s search results.

So what’s the solution?



Enter Whitespark, a well-known name in local SEO solutions, offers a lifeline to businesses affected by Google’s decision. Whitespark’s Local Platform provides an alternative that replicates and enhances the GBP website experience.

  • Cost-Effectiveness:
    At just $1 per month, per location (billed annually), Whitespark offers an unbeatable solution that’s accessible to all businesses with a Google Business Profile.
  • Easy Transition:
    Whitespark promises a hassle-free switch from your GBP website to their platform, requiring only a few minutes to sign up, add your location, and customise your site.
  • Preservation of Existing Content:
    One of the biggest concerns for businesses is the loss of their current website content. Whitespark addresses this by closely mimicking Google’s website feature, ensuring that businesses do not lose their existing content, functionality, or look.
  • Added SEO Benefits:
    Besides maintaining the status quo, Whitespark’s solution introduces additional tools and features designed to enhance your website’s SEO, potentially improving your online visibility and customer reach.

Check it out:


The depreciation of free Google Business Profile websites is a real pain ( Google giveth and Google burns it to the ground ), but it also presents an opportunity for small businesses to reassess and upgrade their online presence. Whitespark’s Local Platform offers a seamless, affordable, and feature-rich alternative that ensures businesses can continue to thrive online with minimal disruption.

Online Ownership does not have any affiliation with Whitespark, but I have worked with the platform and have Hugh respect for the founder Darren. If your current online visibility is reliant on the current free website from Google Business Profiles, I would personally jump on this solution.