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Access and Update Google My Business Listing Direct from Search Results

You can now access your Google My Business dashboard direct from Search Results via a new information panel when logged in.

The new info panel also provides a quick snap shot of how the business listing is performing with Views displayed for the past 28days and To Do items.


Direct Edit Google My Business Listing Direct in Search Results


Prior to the new info panel you could make edits directly via the knowledge panel when logged into the account. This was launched in July 2016


Business Knowledge Panel Google Search


Google My Business Information Panel

Displays views for the past 28 days.

Edit Info: This allows direct update to business info


Edit Business Listing Info in Search Result


Create a Post will open the relevant Google Posts page in the GMB dashboard ready to create a new Google Post.


Create Google Post via GMB Dashboard


Add a Photo allows you to add business photos direct from the search results page.


Add Business Photo from Search Results


Reviews tab displays the current business reviews, you cannot respond to reviews here, you still need to access reviews in the GMB dashboard to respond to the reviews.


View Business Reviews direct in search result


Once you have completed the To Do items (how are these picked) the information panel collapses.


Edit Google My Business Listing Direct in Search


Overall a very nice update allowing the business owner or manager to update the business listing direct from search results page.