60% of UK SuperBrands are using Google Plus

Google Plus is increasing by an approximate 625,000 users per day. This is set to increase with new gmail sign ups having accounts created. But how could I get an actual grasp of its user engagement, with the die hard facebookers constantly hammering on about its impending demise.

Online Ownership decided to look at the 2011 Superbrands in the UK

60% of the Superbrands listed have created and / or actively using Google Plus Brand Pages.

This is a staggering figure, if you stop to think that Google Plus has been available for 8 months and the Google Plus Brand pages have been live for 4 months.


UK Superbrands



The 60% figure, of Google Plus Brand Pages could have been pushed higher, because some of the brands have developed different Global pages but did not have a dedicated Google Plus Brand Page.

Novotel had different hotels within the chain listed but not an actual Singular Brand Page, Jaguar has different dealers around the world but not a Brand Page itself. The same for Deutsche Bank and Thomas Cook, all having different entries but not a dedicated Google Plus Brand Page.

Some of the Pages have just been created without any postings and a couple still have a blueheads, which is quite amateurish, but we will forgive them this error as they have joined Google Plus.


Some of the Google Plus Brand Pages.

I have not included all the pages but a good variety of pages.



autoglass google plus brand page



Interestingly BBC has a whole variety of Google Plus Pages, yet they do not have the +1 button on any of their websites.


bbc google plus brand page


+British Airways


british airways google plus brand page


+The Royal Albert Hall


royal albert hall google plus page




savills google plus brand page


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