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2 ways to Add rel=author Tag in WordPress

I have previously posted on how to add the rel=author tag to your posts and articles. However based on a message posted onto the article I did a little digging.

The question was, can i just add the rel=author tag into the site’s footer. NO, that is reserved for the rel=publisher tag.

In Yoast SEO tools there is an option to add your Google+ profile associated with the main author of the Blog.

This will add the author tag to the homepage. The caveat, when Google starts displaying the rel=publisher tag and what could be the logo from your business page, you may need to remove this or Yoast will provide a fix to this.


2 Parts to Post :

Setting rel=author tag in WordPress

Manually adding rel=author tag to any site


Setting rel=author tag in WordPress

rel=author Step 1

In your WordPress dashboard navigate to USERS, select the user


rel=author tag in WordPress


rel=author Step 2

Add in your Google Plus page URL


rel=author Step 2 WordPress


rel=author Step 3

Open your Yoast plugin and in the HOME section, in the author metadata section, use the dropdown to select the author name.

In the above image i added my Google+ url to the User ADMIN, therefore select admin, or the user name you added it too.


rel=author Step 3 WordPress


Manually Adding Rel=Author Tag to Blog Posts, Articles


Adding the Rel=Author Tag to Post

Take the Google+ Url and add :


This can now be linked to your name, in this instance +Tim Capper


Google+ Rel Author Tag


HTML Google+ Rel=Author Tag

If you have to add your code in HTML

Take Google+ URl and add:


Add your a href code:

<a href=””>+Your Name</a>

This Can now be added to the bottom of your Page.


Google+ Rel Author Tag html


Connect Your Goolge+ Account to Author Tag

If you have not done so already, add your websites URL into your Profile.

Specifically the Contributor To section.


Google Plus Contributor


Checking Your Google+ Rel=Author Tag

Use Google’s Rich Snippet Testing Tool to test your rel=author tag.


Checking Rel Author Tag


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