100% (not provided) by 2014 as IE and Chrome switch to https

Today was a revelation in our weekly SEO Questions hangout when Alistair Lattimore quite calmly pointed out this astonishing fact : Internet Explore (IE) is redirecting to https:// instead of http:// even when you are LOGGED OUT.

In a nutshell this basically means that any user that searches on IE, that visits your site will be tracked as (not provided).


Internet explorer switch to https



Take a look at your analytics and the increase in (not provided) for IE is phenominal.



not provided in analytics



You will notice that there is also an increase of (not provided) for Chrome, although not as large an increase. A few of us (logged out) opened up chrome and only some of us were redirected to https:// whilst others remained in normal http://

The two anomalies. I updated my setting in Chrome last week and was now getting https:// (logged out). And another who was able to open Chrome in http:// had his language setting in Japanese.

Whatever the reasons, there is a significant shift to full Secure Search in Google Chrome also.



IE and Chrome not provided


100 % (Not Provided) by 2014


Take a look at www.notprovidedcount.com , by their estimates, based on tracking, we should reach 100% (not provided) by Feb 2014


not provided



Google’s attempt at dealing with (not provided) is the SEO reporting in Analytics, but you will need to have a webmaster tools account, Google then merges data.



Using the SEO Reports in Analytics

With the SEO reports in Analytics, you can easily compare Google Web Search impressions and clicks for your site to other traffic source data from Analytics, such as paid AdWords impressions and clicks. By identifying the Google Web Search queries that drive traffic to your site, you can also learn which AdWords keywords make the most sense for your business objectives. In addition, you can identify how to optimise your website for both content and search quality.

The SEO reports in Google Analytics appear under the Traffic Sources section in theMy Site tab of Analytics. These reports provide the following general data about your site’s performance in Google Web Search results:

  • Queries that users typed to reach your site
  • Number of impressions of your website’s URLs in search results pages
  • The number of clicks on your website’s URLs from search results pages
  • The ratio of clicks to impressions for your website’s URLs
  • The average position of your website’s URLs in search listings
  • The pages visitors landed on when clicking search results listing your site



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