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When Google’s Picks a Mugshot over a Business Logo

We all know that Google’s algorithms get things wrong from time to time with an old logo or unflattering business image being displayed in the knowledge panel, but when the algo mistakes a mugshot of a high profile felon as the logo, it can seriously harm a business.
Google Algo Picks Wrong Image to Display in Knowledge Panel


What Went Wrong?

Google will periodically determine an authority site that displays an image as the correct image to be used for a business, regardless if the business page has selected a logo or not.

In this case the business has not chosen to upload a logo, but there are a lot of other public images that Google could have chosen to display.


Google Business Page photos not displayed


Reverse image search shows that this was the previous owner of the business and now a convicted felon. Articles list the old name of the business and partial address. Because Google cannot recognize images per say, the consistent size of the image ( logo size ) appearing in quite authoritative news sites that mention skate park and address, Google determined this to be a logo.


Google Reverse Image Search to find Source


Yes Google Will Ignore Your Logo

Even in the case where you have set your profile and logo images, if Google finds a logo on an “authoritative” site, they will again ignore your actual logo.

In this case the company re-branded over 2yrs ago, but Google still chooses to display the old logo.


Wrong Business Logo Displayed from external source


The site also included structured data markup dictating the logo, removing every possible source of the old logo, but missed a few sources which we helped track down.


Reporting this Mess

In the knowledge panel select “Suggest and Edit”. Google then highlights all the sections within the knowledge panel, select the image and file the report.


Reporting Incorrect Business Image
Business owners should also use this method. If you have not seen a result in 7 days then by all means contact Google Business Support or the Google Business Help Forum.

Another case of Google relying on 3rd party sites information then the actual business owners.