The Rise of the Missing Locksmith at Listed Location

Ever needed a locksmith and driven to the address listed in the Google business listing only to find it does not exist? Probably not, because in 99% of cases you call a locksmith to come to your location where you need help with your lock.

The problem is, these locksmiths have not closed down, or moved premises, they never existed in the first place.

The Ever Inventive Spam Locksmith Listing

This pop up locksmith spam is not new but is becoming increasingly common and thanks to Michael P who is going the extra mile to root these guys out.

Why does Michael need to go the extra mile to report these?, because with the signage these locksmiths listing seem to be getting reinstated way to easily based on their images, so Michael has resorted to actually visiting the location and recording it.



The image used on the listing and the image they will no doubt use for reinstatement.


Spam locksmith listing with fake locksmith signage - Online Ownership


The Pop Up Locksmith

Locksmith finds an empty business premises, rents the premises long enough for postcard verification, adds the required signage and bobs your uncle a brand new verified business listing.

The above image of is one of the more slapdash signage attempts, some spam locksmiths go to town with interior signage and pop up displays that can be wheeled in and then wheeled out when the listing is verified.


Spam Checks

These are typically run by multi location locksmith spammers where they would list all location on site, including a head office which would have the name registered under DBA.

Because a store front business appears in local pack and not home service ads, they don’t need to jump through advanced verification hoops either.

And as mentioned above, these listings that have been removed as spam are typically back up and running after submitting a reinstatement request with the original fake business signage.


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