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Special Hours Now Available in Google My Business Dashboard

Special Hours are now available in the traditional Google My Business dashboard (card view). Special Hours have been available since 3rd Nov 2015 in Mobile app, Bulk Management and for single location business page in list view, which was a work around to set the special hours


How to Set Special Hours for Google Business Page


1) Log into your GMB account or Dashboard

2) Edit business details

3) Navigate to special hours section below regular hours, select edit icon

4) Choose a date then select opening hours and closing hours for that date, or select closed.

5) To add the next date: Choose + Add another set of special hours

6) Click save when completed

Your GMB Dashboard:


Google Business Page Edit Business Details


Select Edit, which opens your business details, scroll down to special hours.

Set Special Hours for Google Business Page


Select a Date, choose your opening and closing time, or if closed on that date, select closed.

Set Special Hours Calendar and Times


General Information on Special Hours


For Special Hours to be visible or rather to work, you need to have your original set opening hours listed.

Use Closed in your special hours for holidays that fall mid week, like; Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day etc. If you don’t set it as closed Google displays a red message saying; Christmas eve might affect these hours.

Special hours can be also be used if your hours are extended or reduced on particular days; extended hours during festive season or summer trade, or shorter hours on a bank holiday.

Special hours can be set for 1 calendar year in advance.

You can only set 3 months worth of days consecutively as closed. If you are closed for refurbishment for 4 months, then you will need to set the first 3 months, then remove the 1st months set of dates, after that period and add the final months worth of dates.